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PM Modi calls for ‘human-centric globalisation’, announces ‘Global South Centre of Excellence’

In his virtual address at the Voice of Global South Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday called for a ‘human-centric globalisation’, one that does not create a climate crisis or debt crisis. India hosted a two-day virtual Voice of Global South Summit on January 12 and 13, with 10 sessions in total, news agency PTI reported. Leaders and ministers from 125 countries of the Global South participated in the summit.

‘Globalisation that brings prosperity’

“We all appreciate the principle of globalisation. India’s philosophy has always seen the world as one family. However, developing countries desire a globalisation that does not create a climate crisis or debt crisis,” the Prime Minister said in his opening remarks at the Concluding Leaders’ Session of the Voice of Global South Summit. “We want a globalisation that brings prosperity and well-being to humanity as a whole. In short, we want a ‘human-centric globalisation’,” he added.

Global South Center of Excellence

The PM also announced a Global South Center of Excellence, a project to provide essential medical supplies and Global South Scholarships for students in developing countries. Explaining its objective, PM Modi said, “This institution will undertake research on development solutions or best-practices of any of our countries, which can be scaled and implemented in other members of the Global South.”


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