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China Signals Cooperative Approach with India Under PM Modi's Continued Leadership

China has indicated a desire to engage constructively with the Indian government to appropriately manage the longstanding issues between the two nations. This openness to find mutually acceptable solutions to the disputes that have been a source of tension in the past.

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's victory in his third term, China has expressed its readiness to work collaboratively with India to enhance bilateral relations between the two countries.


The Chinese government's statement comes as a notable development in the context of India's leadership transition. It suggests a willingness to explore opportunities for improving bilateral cooperation and fostering a more stable and productive relationship between the two regional powers.

This diplomatic outreach by China may be interpreted as an acknowledgment of the renewed mandate granted to Prime Minister Modi and a recognition of the importance of maintaining constructive engagement with India under his continued leadership. It could pave the way for renewed dialogue and negotiations aimed at managing the border issues in a responsible manner.


China has expressed its readiness to collaborate with India to enhance bilateral relations, emphasizing the need to "handle properly" their ongoing border disputes. This announcement coincides with Narendra Modi's return to the Prime Minister's office for a third consecutive term, albeit with a reduced majority.


In a post on X, the spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in India highlighted the mutual benefits of a stable relationship. "China and India are important neighbouring countries. Relevant border issues should be handled properly. A sound and stable #ChinaIndia relationship is in the interest of both countries, and conducive to the peace and development in this region and beyond. China is willing to work with India to push forward bilateral relations in the right direction," the spokesperson wrote.


India is also seeking solutions to these border issues. The statement from the Chinese embassy follows a reaffirmation from India's External Affairs Minister, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, of his commitment to resolving the border disputes with China.


 Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning extended congratulations to Modi and the BJP on their election victory, noting, "A healthy and stable China-India relationship is in the interest of both countries, and conducive to the peace and development in this region and beyond." She added that China is prepared to work with India to advance bilateral relations on a "healthy and stable track."


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