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Chinese smartphone makers customize products to India market

In May 2018, when Realme separated from Chinese vendor Oppo's business to specifically target the India market, Wang Shuo, chief marketing officer of Realme India, did not expect the spin-off strategy would yield to be such a hit. "We achieved stellar growth in India in the past year, partly thanks to our product strategy in various price segments which meets the demand of Indian consumers," Wang told the Global Times.  Realme has a full-range price, with the cheapest model starting from 5,999 Indian rupees ($83.16) and the highest cap at 30,000 Indian rupees. Most of the devices it sold are priced between 5,000 to 15,000 Indian rupees, which fit in with India's GDP per capita of $ 2,041 in March 2019. "If you put a hefty price tag on your products in India, this might not work for Indian young consumers as this is a more price sensitive market," Wang said regarding Apple's limited performance in India.  In the third quarter of 2019, Realme snapped up a market share of 16 percent in India, ranking fourth, according to an industry report issued by Counterpoint Research in December, 2019. Another Chinese player, Xiaomi, took the lead of 26 percent of market share. Xiaomi has been ranked No.1 in India in terms of shipments for nine consecutive quarters.  Xiaomi entered India in 2014. A spokesperson from Xiaomi told the Global Times that at that time, the smartphone market in India was not mature, and "there was a big gap for consumers who wanted high specification without paying a fortune." Chinese vendors are the game-changers who keep providing Indian consumers with high quality products while making all innovative technologies accessible at honest pricing points, the spokesperson said.  Chinese smartphone makers are now commanding an overwhelming share in the South Asian neighbor market.

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