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5 Hindu Traditions to Help reduce Coronavirus

The novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is spread by touching and close proximity (via Sneezing etc.). It has now been declared a global pandemic and even celebrities including Tom Hanks, Daniele Rugani and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau have caught it. It is a time when people across the world are adopting ancient Hindu traditions which are scientifically designed to reduce the spread of disease.

1. Namaste

Namaste as a salutation goes a long way back in Indian culture. It is the traditional way to meet and greet in India. Recently Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recommended that people greet each other with Namaste. Other world leaders and ordinary citizens have been following suit.

Unlike a handshake, there is no transfer of any form of bacteria or virus since there is no physical contact with the other person with a Namaste. Namaste has been derived from two Sanskrit words- Nama, meaning bow and te, meaning you. It means one bows down to the divinity in the other person. It is a beautiful Hindu Tradition.

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