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‘Sar pe laal topi Rusi...’: Modi recalls Raj Kapoor’s classic song

India's remarkable transformation under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has captured the world's attention. With rapid advancements in infrastructure, a surge of self-belief, and an unwavering spirit, India is poised for even faster growth in the next decade. Backed by a strong partnership with Russia, India's "new momentum" is set to write a new chapter in global development, showcasing the nation's potential as a rising superpower.

PM Modi

In a rousing address to the Indian community in Moscow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proudly proclaimed that India is undergoing a remarkable transformation, capturing the attention of the world.

 This sentiment of change and progress is palpable across India, as the Prime Minister emphasized. "Over 140 crore Indians are making this resurgence of India possible -- they dream big, they take a pledge and then make it happen," he said.

The country's rapid advancements are evident in various sectors. "It took only a decade for Bharat to double the number of airports... It took only a decade for Bharat to electrify over 40,000 kms of the railway lines," PM Modi proudly noted. These remarkable achievements have reinforced the world's belief that "Bharat is changing."


Underlying this transformative journey is a newfound sense of self-belief and confidence. "The first step towards achieving success is self-belief and self-confidence," the Prime Minister asserted. "Before 2014, we were in the depths of despair. But today, the country is full of confidence. And this is the biggest asset of Hindustan!"


Looking ahead, PM Modi expressed optimism about India's future, stating that the next 10 years will witness "even more faster growth." He confidently declared, "India's new momentum will write a new chapter in the world's development."


The Prime Minister also touched on India's recent triumph in the Men's T20 cricket world cup, highlighting the nation's unwavering spirit. "Today's young India does not accept defeat till the last ball and the last moment. And victory kisses the feet of those who do not accept defeat," he said.


Furthermore, PM Modi emphasized the strong and enduring partnership between India and Russia, describing it as a "reliable friend and companion through good times and bad." He underscored that this relationship is built on a foundation of "mutual trust and mutual respect."


India's transformative journey, marked by rapid progress, newfound confidence, and unwavering determination, is captivating the world. As the nation continues to write a new chapter in global development, the future looks bright for this rising superpower.


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