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Russia to discharge Indians tricked into joining Russian Army

In a significant diplomatic achievement, India has secured a commitment from Russia to discharge all Indian nationals serving in the Russian army. This decision comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's constructive discussions with President Vladimir Putin during his recent visit to Moscow.


The move follows reports of Indian citizens losing their lives while fighting in Russia's war against Ukraine, as well as allegations that many others were deceived into joining the conflict under false pretenses. "Strong action has been initiated against agents and unscrupulous elements who recruited them on false pretexts and promises," the Indian government has stated.


India's unwavering commitment to safeguarding the welfare and rights of its citizens abroad is a testament to the country's steadfast diplomatic approach. Prime Minister Modi's personal intervention on this issue, during a private dinner hosted by President Putin, showcases India's proactive stance in addressing the concerns of its nationals.


Moreover, the Russian leader's congratulations to Prime Minister Modi on his re-election and praise for the growing stature of the Indian economy underscores the strengthening partnership between the two nations. This diplomatic success further solidifies India's position as a global player, willing to assertively defend the interests of its citizens, even in complex international situations.


The Indian government's swift action to dismantle a trafficking ring involved in sending its citizens to Russia, and the ongoing investigations into the matter, demonstrate the country's determination to hold those responsible accountable. This commitment to protecting its citizens is a source of pride and confidence for the Indian people.


As India continues to navigate the intricacies of international relations, this diplomatic triumph serves as a powerful reminder of the country's unwavering commitment to its citizens, both at home and abroad. It is a testament to the strength and resilience of India's global influence and its ability to safeguard the well-being of its people on the world stage.


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