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Stunning archaeological treasure unraveled at MP’s Bandhavgarh tiger reserve: See pics

Archaeological Survey of India has cleared some stunning ancient remains in the Bandhavgarh Forest Reserve. ASI exploration has recorded 26 temples, 26 caves, 2 monasteries, 2 votive stupas, 24 inscriptions, 46 sculptures, other scattered remains and 19 water structure in Madhya Pradesh’s Tiger haven. These finding are from different historical time zone and cover the reigns of the kings Shri Bhimsena, Maharaja Pothasiri, Maharaja Bhattadeva. ASI deciphered the inscriptions found there and discovered names of various places mentioned here are Kaushami, Mathura, Pavata (Parvata), Vejabharada and Sapatanaairikaa. An ASI team covered nearly 170 sq km falling in the area of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve over months-long exploration of the region which was undertook for the first time since 1938.

26 ancient temples/relics unraveled by ASI are of Kalachuri period which spans from 9th century CE to 11th Century CE. The 26 caves are from 2nd Century CE to 5th century CE and are mostly Buddhist in nature. The caves which date back to the time between 2nd century BC and 5th century BC, and pertain to the Mahayana sect of Buddhism.

ASI has also found 2 monasteries, 2 stupas, 24 Brahmi inscriptions which are from 2nd century CE to 5th century CE. ASI Also found 46 sculptures, 20 scattered remains and 19 water structures which are from 2nd-15th CE. Among the 46 sculptures found by the ASI there is a giant Varah sculpture which is one of the largest found by the agency.

The exploration was conducted by ASI’s Jabalpur circle under the direction of its superintending archaeologist Shivakant Bajpai. Being a tiger reserve, unrestricted access to tourists to the archaeological sites is unlikely to be allowed. Bandhavgarh Forest Reserve is best known for Evergreen Sal forest and Mixed forest about 515 species of Plant are found there and is also home to 242 species of Birds and many species of Reptile and Insect are found there. The Major Mammals of Bandhavgarh is Tiger. Leopard, Wild dog, Wild cat, Hyena, Wolf, Chital, Sambar, Black Buck, Rojda etc are easily seen there.

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