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Soros is old, rich, opinionated and dangerous: S Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday strongly pulled up investor George Soros for his remarks on India's democracy, saying he is "old, rich, opinionated and dangerous." Jaishankar said that people like Soros start questioning the democratic setup when the electoral outcomes are not according to their liking.

“Few years ago, he actually accused us of planning to strip millions of Muslims of their citizenship, which of course didn't happen. It was a ridiculous suggestion. But you have to understand what this actually mean. I would take a view that Soros is an old, rich opinionated person sitting in New York who still thinks that his views should determine how the entire world works,” Jaishankar said at an event in Australia on Saturday.

“Now if I would only stop at old, rich and opinionated, I would put it away. But he is old, rich, opinionated and dangerous. Because what happens is when such people actually invest resources in shaping narratives,” he added.

Jaishankar said, “People like him think an election is good if the person they want to see, wins and if the election throws up a different outcome then they will say it is a flawed democracy and the beauty is that all this is done under the pretence of advocacy of open society.”

In his remarks at the Munich Security Conference, Soros, a supporter of progressive and liberal political causes, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is silent on the fraud allegations against Adani Group, asserting that he will have to "answer questions from foreign investors and in Parliament."


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