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One of Europe's Largest Shiva Temples Opens in Estonia

A magnificent new Shiva temple complex has opened in Lilleoru, near the Estonian capital of Tallinn. Spanning an expansive 5500 square meters, this grand temple is poised to become a beacon of spiritual guidance and devotion for the region.


The temple was designed by renowned architects Shilpa Ratna Sthabadhi Dhanabal Mayilvel and Manivel Mayilvel, hailing from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Their expertise has culminated in the creation of this impressive temple complex, which is certain to draw spiritual seekers from across Europe and beyond.

On June 10, 2024, Europe witnessed a significant spiritual milestone with the opening and consecration of one of the continent’s largest Shiva temples. Located in Lilleoru, near the Estonian capital of Tallinn, this impressive temple complex spans 5,500 m² and is set to become a beacon of spiritual guidance and devotion.


Lilleoru is a captivating sacred site located near Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is home to one of the largest Shiva temples in Europe as well as a renowned Kriya Yoga study center. The site is renowned for its Flower of Life pattern, which forms the foundation for the Shiva temple area.


This transformative destination has evolved over the past three decades. In the early 1990s, Ingvar Villido began his work here with students, and today it has blossomed into an international school of Practical Consciousness. Through the support of the local community and volunteers, Lilleoru now offers regular courses and in-depth yoga training.


The temple, sanctuaries, and meticulously curated medicinal herb gardens at Lilleoru provide not only aesthetic splendor but also profound spiritual significance. Visitors can explore the rich traditions of Sanatana Dharma and connect with the divine through the site's temples and statues of enlightened beings like the Nathas, Siddhas, and Rishis.


Lilleoru's forest trails, café with a summer terrace, and the eye-shaped Amrita Lake offer ample opportunities to connect with nature, find inner peace, and take steps towards spiritual enlightenment. The permaculture-based vegetable, medicinal plant, and ornamental garden is a hub for learning about plant wisdom and nature-focused cultivation.


Whether you seek spiritual exploration, connection with the natural world, or simply a serene retreat, Lilleoru is a truly remarkable and transformative destination to visit.

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