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Maharishi Patanjali – The Father of Modern Yoga

Patanjali was a great spiritual leader of ancient times who refined the spirit of the spiritual path into the word of wisdom called Yoga Sutras. He defined the steps every soul must go through in its journey back to the infinite spirit. As per one legend, he fell from heaven into the hands of a woman (Anjali) in the form of a little snake, thus named Patanjali.

Life history

The life history of Patanjali is almost unknown. It is full of legends and contradictions. There is no exact evidence available about the birth of the Maharshi Patanjali. The dates projected for Patanjali’s birth and life differ by a millennium. Most scholars date the second and third centuries BCE, while others insist that he must have lived in the 4th  to 7th centuries BCE. It is Due to modifications and additions made by later writers to his works create confusion. It is believed that Maharishi Patanjali lived in Nepal, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and several places in India.

There is an explanation about Patanjali in Matsya, Vayu, and Skanda Purana that Maharishi Patanjali’s life period proves to be around that of Vyas and Panini. Rishis were tremendously proficient with Yoga power and used to live for thousands of years. They had the capability of living or dying according to their own wish. This is the reason for the presence of rishis in modern times. In the Puranas, the life of rishis is believed to be for many ages and Shri Patanjali is one of these powerful Rishis.

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