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Kashmir And More: India Must Learn From How China Uses Market Size To Make Big Businesses Respect It

Earlier this year in June, US athletic apparel and footwear giant Nike had to withdraw some of its sneaker offerings from China. The sneakers had been designed by Nike in collaboration with a Japanese street wear fashion label, ‘Undercover’, headed by designer Jun Takahashi.

In the same month, Undercover had showcased its support for the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong through an Instagram story stating ‘No Extradition to China’ and ‘Go Hong Kong’, and, therefore, the withdrawal was necessary.

Clearly, Nike was willing to appease one of its most critical markets. Also, 26 per cent of Nike’s footwear and apparel were produced in China in 2018, and, therefore, the brand was not willing to risk cheap labour and a thriving market.

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