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Irish butter may be winning hearts; but the desi 'makhan' is still the king of all

Butter may make everything better, according to the French. However, it is Irish butter that rules the world. This year, Kerrygold, one of the world's best known butter brands, became the first Irish billion-euro brand, helped along by its immense popularity not just on retail shelves in the US and Germany, but on Instagram too- where chefs and home bakers are going gaga over its leprechaun gold colour, creamy texture and distinctive nutty flavour.

Never mind the fat image and vegan options like nut butter, butter is still religion in many parts of the world. Foodies may be fanatical today about exactly what they spread on their toast. But even colonial trade shows us how provenance and distinctive taste were prized when it came to an ingredient that connoted homeliness to millions of consumers. Read More

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