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Indra Nooyi memoir: A girl from Chennai who rose to lead PepsiCo

Under her watch, between 2006 to 2018, net revenue at PepsiCo jumped 80 percent to USD 64 billion. The company returned more than USD 79 billion in cash to shareholders and its market cap rose by USD 57 billion. Her story is unusual and compelling and is now being recounted in her own words.

In her memoir, "My Life in Full", Nooyi not just gives an honest account of the awe-inspiring milestones that she achieved, but also lays bare the aching loneliness and battles of a young woman trying to find her place in the world.

It recounts an immigrant's quest for identity, and the challenges of being able to dream big while also being a mother and a caregiver. Nooyi's passion shines through every page as she takes us back to her family home in Chennai, to her days of being part of a rock band and even an opening batswoman for the first women's cricket team in Chennai to flying out to Yale in 1978 and starting her corporate career.

Nooyi tries to tell it like it is. There are lessons for corporations that wish to make a change and for women and men who seek to live their dreams.

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