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Indian organisations across the world pledge support to PM Modi in fight against coronavirus

More the 500 Indian organisations across the world have pledged support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the country's fight against the novel coronavirus.

In a letter headlined as "a message of solidarity and appeal from Indian organisations around the world", these 568 organisations -- ranging from national and regional to cultural -- have also expressed solidarity with the proactive measures taken by India in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

The organisations have also applauded the efforts of the frontline workers who have been tirelessly working -- often putting themselves at a huge risk.

"We the millions of people of Indian origin from across the globe salute the efforts of all those individuals who along with international organizations, national governments, private, public and social sector organizations are working tirelessly and often at huge personal risk to tackle this crisis and save precious human life," they said, in a letter addressed to the people of the country.

They also commended the mammoth efforts taken by the Indian government and PM Modi in view to alleviate the inevitable hardship the poor would endure during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

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