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India stands out on Covid-19 vaccine policy, says IMF's Gita Gopinath

India has been at the forefront in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and "really stands out in terms of its vaccine policy, IMF's Chief Economist Gita Gopinath has said, as she praised the country for playing a very important role during the crisis by manufacturing and shipping the COVID-19 vaccines to several nations.

The top Indian-American economist made the comments in an interactive session during the inaugural Dr Hansa Mehta Lecture on the occasion of International Women's Day on Monday.

I also want to mention that India really stands out in terms of its vaccine policy. If you look at where exactly is one manufacturing hub for vaccines in the world - that will be India, Gopinath said.

Gopinath lauded the Serum Institute of India, saying it produces the most number of vaccines in the world in a regular year and has been manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine doses that are delivered to COVAX and then distributed to countries around the world.

India has been at the forefront in fighting this pandemic, she said, noting that India has been providing vaccines through grants to several of its neighbours, including Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar, and through commercial arrangements as well.

The country has been playing a very important role in helping the world in the global health crisis through its vaccination policies, she said.

Gopinath was responding to a question on India, which is a vaccine hub of the world, and the role it can play in contributing to global economic recovery.

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