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India's trade ties with Afghanistan set for robust growth

Afghan government seeks closer trade relations with India to take bilateral trade beyond the $1.5 billion zone. With more than 20 years and $3 billion worth of investment in projects such as dams, roads and trade infrastructure, India has a lot at stake in Afghanistan.

The 2011 India-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement recommitted Indian assistance to help rebuild Afghanistan’s infrastructure and institutions; education and technical assistance for capacity-building in many areas. Those efforts also led to broader global investments in Afghanistan and provided duty-free access to the Indian market – with bilateral trade now worth $1.5 billion.

Sensitive time for transition

“No part of Afghanistan today is untouched by the 400-plus projects that India has undertaken in all 34 of Afghanistan’s provinces,” Dr S Jaishankar, Indian External Affairs Minister, said at the Afghanistan Conference in Geneva in November 2020.

Which is why the Afghan government seeking even closer trade relations with India at this sensitive time in its transition is welcome news for everyone.

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