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India’s ties with Israel will acquire a new definition

With the Arab World reestablishing diplomatic links with Tel Aviv the opportunities for New Delhi, to engage across multiple platforms, now appears to be limitless given its fruitful associations with Israel and multiple Arab states.

One of the countries whom India can count on as a reliable and strategic partner when it comes to highlighting the principles of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ concept is Israel.

Bilateral ties between the two nations have been simply getting better and sustainable with the passage of time. The crux of this relationship maybe aligned towards the vertical of defence but there is a bipartisan unanimity in both countries towards extending all bonds further.

The strategy employed by both countries in strengthening their defence capabilities is also in contrast – India needs to be on its toes while staving off the constant nuisance posed by its neighbours Pakistan and China, while the very identity of Israel hinges on its ability to keep nuclear armed Iran at bay and, to an extent, its previously fractured relationships between the Middle East countries which is now rectifying itself thanks to the signing of the Abraham Accord between the UAE, Israel and Bahrain. The world watches if powerful Saudi Arabia will also follow suit. Oman is also preparing to sign a peace agreement with Tel Aviv to ratify its already positive ties in an official capacity.

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