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India's Tech Sector Embraces Cricket's Global Expansion

The vibrant Indian IT industry is playing a pivotal role in promoting the sport of cricket within the United States, particularly during the ongoing T20 World Cup matches. Companies like Cognizant, ServiceNow, and Cigniti are actively embracing their love for the "gentleman's game" by hosting clients and partners at the tournament's events.


Beyond simply attending the matches, the Indian tech sector is making a more profound impact on cricket's growth in North America. Several companies have taken on ownership of cricket franchises, while others have stepped up to sponsor domestic leagues, such as the Major League Cricket (MLC) in the US.


The involvement extends beyond the administrative roles, as Indian-origin tech professionals are also directly participating in the sport. Players like Saurabh Netravalkar, an AI engineer at Oracle, and Nosthush Kenjige, a medical engineering graduate, have proudly represented the US and Canadian national cricket teams, respectively.


In a heartwarming display of cultural exchange, India's thriving technology industry is playing a pivotal role in the growing popularity of cricket across the United States. As the nation's IT professionals make their mark on the global stage, they are emerging as enthusiastic ambassadors, actively promoting the "gentleman's game" within their sphere of influence.


The T20 World Cup has become a significant draw for corporate India, with a multitude of companies, including Cognizant, ServiceNow, and Cigniti, hosting clients and partners at the matches. From owning cricket franchises to sponsoring leagues, the Indian IT industry is making a historic contribution to the expansion of cricket in North America.


Peeyush Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer at Tech Mahindra, who resides in New York, emphasizes the appeal of such sporting events for corporate India. "Many of our customers, partners, and employees are interested in attending and leveraging such platforms for networking and team-strengthening activities."


The enthusiasm for cricket extends beyond the boardroom. Indian-origin tech professionals based in the US are actively participating in the sport, with players like Saurabh Netravalkar, an AI engineer at Oracle, and Nosthush Kenjige, a medical engineering graduate, representing the US and Canadian national teams, respectively.


Pareekh Jain, chief executive at EIIRTrend, highlights the significant presence of Indian-origin tech workers in the US, numbering more than one million. "Sports events are good places to relax and network with clients, colleagues, and partners. In the US, sports is dominated by baseball and basketball. Now cricket has been added to the mix, especially for the tech industry."


Companies like Cognizant, Infinite Computer Solutions, and Futran Solutions have embraced the opportunity, hosting clients and partners during the T20 World Cup matches. This cross-cultural exchange not only strengthens business relationships but also bridges the gap between the Indian and American sporting landscapes.


As the T20 World Cup captivates audiences worldwide, the Indian IT industry's involvement in the sport's global expansion serves as a testament to the strong cultural ties and the role of technology in fostering international collaboration. This convergence of cricket and the tech sector is poised to reshape the American sporting landscape, paving the way for a future where the "gentleman's game" holds a prominent place alongside traditional American sports.

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