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India’s next big task: Turning academic researchers into entrepreneurs

American biochemist Jennifer Doudna shared the 2020 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with French scientist Emmanuelle Charpentier for their pioneering research in CRISPR gene editing technology. Their invention could power a test kit that detects the novel coronavirus in just five minutes, compared to the current test, which takes a whole day. From the race to develop a vaccine to producing innovative ventilators and finding ways to speed up testing, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many to search for answers. Scientists and researchers are looking beyond their labs to scale and create impact through their innovations. And to do this, they are looking for marketers and business leaders to help turn research into real-world solutions.

The global pandemic is showing us the power of collaboration as business minds and academicians are coming together to find solutions. As this is not limited to healthcare – the current situation has sparked massive changes in consumer behaviour globally, most of which are here to stay. This has resulted in a host of new problems for researchers and business leaders to come together and solve.

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