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India can bring trusted solutions for world; first semiconductor project approval this year:Vaishnaw

NEW DELHI: The indigenous 5G technology developed bytheTCS-CDoT-led consortium has the potential to win global deals as people the world over are looking for trusted telecom solutions and no country can match the level of trust India can bring in, Telecom and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has said.

While sharing the government plans to deploy 1.25 lakh mobile sites in the BSNL network based on indigenously developed technology gears, Vaishnaw in an interview with PTI expressed concern over the shortage of semiconductors and said the first project proposal for the high-tech electronic chips will be approved in coming few months this year.

"We are very rapidly progressing on developing our own 5G technology stack. There is a huge interest among the whole world community in having a good trusted and affordable technology source for telecom because telecom is today the primary consumption point for all digital services. People want a trusted telecom solution. And as you know, the trust which India can bring, no other country can match," Vaishnaw said.

Several countries led by the US and European nations have blocked 5G telecom gear from Chinese companies. India too has set up a process for approving trusted telecom gears in local networks.


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