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How rich was India? An Account Through Loot by Mahmud Ghazni

Aryavart! Bharat!! India!!! There is a huge difference between all three terminologies that describe our nation. Gone were the days when India was the richest country in the world. Home to the oldest civilization, she abounded in glory in every sphere,from wealth to wisdom, from advanced technology to art. She was home to the world's oldest universities - the Takshashila, dating back to Mahabharata period and Nalanda from Gupta era. India's significant achievements in science, medicine, surgery, mathematics, literature, philosophy, astrology, astronomy, architecture are well described in the Vedas, Puranas and other ancient scriptures. Said alAndalusi, an Arab Muslim judge and historian from the 11th century wrote about India in his book Tabaqat al-'Uman - 'The Indians, as known to all nations for many centuries, are the metal (essence) of wisdom, the source of fairness and objectivity. They are people of sublime pensiveness, universal apologue...'

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