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How people's writing power may have influenced the U.S.-India Friendship during times of crisis?

The power of writing makes an Impact!

Often we don't value the power of our own pen and how ordinary people like you and me can affect change in national policy matters. The case in point is the U.S. and India working together to combat the public health crisis in India due to the devastating surge of the second wave of COVID-19, Which sounded unimaginable for a few days, the back door diplomacy between the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) of India and the State Department in the U.S. paid off when the respective national security advisors talked with each other[l]. The rest is history now because U.S. aid is already on the ground in New Delhi.

In the process, I strongly felt and acted with a strong conviction that the U.S. must help India. After all, I had supported the Democrats in 2020 despite pressures from friends many of whom were annoyed with my decision. There were strong undercurrents to support Trump because of his good chemistry with India's Modi and I too admire and appreciate it. But on| balance, I was not happy with Trump's policies and practices here in the U.S. and with his overall foreign policy, I am pleased that my own efforts in writing to the Senators and Tweets may have made the difference in getting the U.S. aid on the ground in India. I also wrote on various social media platforms the following message -

"Please consider writing to your Senators and House members for offering vaccine raw material to India." Here is what I wrote but you may rewrite it any way you want. Every email matters. We should do our share of diplomacy and putting pressure on the U.S. Government as best as we can. Thank you.

It reminds me of Bhagwad Gita teaching us about the power of Karma Yoga, "Do your duty without expecting returns." / firmly believe that all good Karmas yield greater outcomes in the

long term.

"You will understand that a friend in need is a friend indeed. India has been and continues to be an important ally for the United States and undoubtedly a hedge against rising China politically and economically. It is no secret that India is passing through the most difficult phase of the Corona pandemic with a potential shortage of vaccines if the raw material for the vaccine is not made available by the U.S. immediately. In this time of crisis, the United States must offer assistance immediately and not let the thousands of innocent die which will be a travesty of immense proportions and crime against humanity.


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