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How Hindu spiritual practices can help manage your COVID-19 anxiety

In the last few weeks many have tried to explain how all of the disruptions from COVID-19 have felt to them. There has been an overwhelming feeling of unfairness, as people have cancelled everything from weddings to funerals. The sacrifices required have been big, whether risking personal health and safety to provide for others, losing the opportunity to celebrate once in a lifetime events or, increasingly losing your job.

Given the level of ambiguity and uncertainty about how life will look tomorrow, next week or a month or two from now, the level of anxiety many of us have had to process has been high.

In the face of the financial and physical stress brought on by COVID-19, it can be difficult to consider our emotional and spiritual health.

However, in a world of uncertainty, Hindu teachings and practices are helpful in taking care of ourselves in the most essential and basic of ways.

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