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How China and India shaped global civilisation, well before the West arrived

I write in reference to “The leaders and followers” (May 26), on how Asia has never had an equivalent of the Western civilisation in terms of global influence. Billy Huang highlights the successes of Singapore and Hong Kong, and tries to credit Confucianism as the main cause; but then, why is China at No 86 when Hong Kong and Singapore are among the top 10 in the United Nations Human Development rankings?

Some may argue that Singapore and Hong Kong, unlike China, were part of the British Empire and their western institutions formed the framework of their progress. Yet others may say that the large Christian populations in these two former colonies had a key role in their progress.

This is what happens when one presents a simplistic argument and then tries to connect imaginary dots. That is what Mr Huang has done when it comes to both Indian and Chinese historical achievements.

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