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Hinduism in Digital-Global Power Calculus: View through Prism of Management Theories

Hinduism cannot survive from external forces unless we encircle them in their backyard. Until Rome becomes increasingly Hinduized or Saudi turns Hinduised, pressures on Indic civilization will not dissipate.

Unique to Hinduism is an uncluttered continuity in the face of frequent trials without sacrificing substantial degree of its intrinsic roots. In contrast, China, Japan among others surrendered to Westernization in many dimensions, notwithstanding certain degree of retention of religion and culture. To Hinduism, inward centric reactions, both strategic and tactical, conceivably helped retain the core, yet the persistence of the same might potentially yield diminishing returns. Political power notwithstanding, the ruling pessimism is palpable. Headwinds, not unusual for Hinduism, often both internal and external, on occasions magnified intra-power struggles.

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