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G20 members see India's digital lead as way forward: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Digital public infrastructure (DPI) has been defined, a framework established, and operational principles established for the G20 nations, said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, minister of state for electronics and information technology .

"India is now a case study, as a nation that employed and deployed technological tools for progress and growth. Countries that have lagged behind increasingly see this as a way to follow India's lead in DPIs, an open-source digital infrastructure, and use it to create the same impact that India has," he said.

The G20 digital economy ministers met in August, and Chandrasekhar was updating the media on their discussions. He reported that the ministerial group discussed in depth the growing role of cybersecurity in driving economic growth and development.

Although no firm choices were reached on a global cybersecurity framework, there is widespread recognition that the issue required proper attention in digital economies, he said.

He also mentioned the importance of developing digital skills as one of the meeting's main topics of discussion. He added that the ministers also talked on how to help countries that are behind in the digital transition by raising funds from donors.

India would willingly staff and maintain the global DPI repository, where DPI open-source technology will be made available to the world, according to Chandrasekhar.

"Many countries are interested in partnering among themselves and with India on creating digitally ready, future-ready, skilled talent to deal with the challenges and opportunities of the coming decade," he said.

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