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Foreign Secretary lists five pillars of Indian diplomacy for strategic autonomy & global good

The first pillar is that Indian diplomacy is Indian in thought -- tradition of the Middle Path that arises from the teachings of Buddhism. India tends to avoid extreme strategic and political behaviour, Shringla noted.

The second pillar of Indian diplomacy is its multipolar focus. “India places "our Neighbourhood First, we Act East and we Think West and we have revitalized our approach to these policies."

The third pillar of India diplomacy is its actions as an international force multiplier for the Government -- The Ministry of External Affairs is the global arm of the government and has a global footprint and presence, the Foreign Secretary noted.

He highlighted how India helped several countries in the early days of the Covid pandemic by providing essential medicines, vaccines and other Covid-related assistance.

“This generated immense goodwill for us and was reflected in the support and assistance we received from our partner countries during the second wave. We will continue to share our resources, experience and expertise with others, to the best of our abilities,” Shringla asserted.

The fourth pillar oof Indian diplomacy is to be a force for global good, Shringla said, adding the fifth pillar of Indian diplomacy looks to the future. "India is an open society and a democracy. These are values that will remain at the heart of Indian diplomacy," Shringla emphasised.

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