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Everything you should know about Key Opinion Leaders in China

The social media scene can greatly differ depending on where you are in the world, especially when comparing social media in the US, UK, and Europe with that in China. When discovering social media marketing in China it is important to bear in mind that Chinese social media marketing doesn’t offer the same advertising opportunities as we may be used to in Western media. Key Opinion Leaders in China is what is used predominantly by brands and marketers. So, let’s have a look at KOLs, what the concept means and how they are used for social media marketing in China.

What does Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in China mean?

In a previous article, we highlighted some of the most popular apps in China, which gives insight into the platforms themselves as well as their use and reach. As influencers, or rather KOLs, are perhaps utilized differently in the West versus the East, understanding the different platforms can be beneficial to see the relationship between brands and Chinese Key Opinion Leaders. But the base principle remains the same, that KOLs are influencers in China who share content and are often part of brand campaigns where the creators can share information, content, opinions, and other entertainment with their followers.

Key Factors & Differences between Influencers and KOLs:

  • KOLs in China often maintain their main professions, such as journalists, entrepreneurs, etc., which to some extent gives them “credit” as Key Opinion Leader.

  • The nature of social media differs between the West and China, therefore the content created by KOLs vs Influencers does too.

  • User verification has stronger requirements than in Western social media, therefore in many cases, KOL creators express greater levels of authenticity than Western Influencers.

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