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Digitally Savvy Seniors: How Technology Provides Vital Support For India’s Ageing Population

Earlier this week a global survey released its findings on how people aged between 55 and 75 are learning, staying active and socializing online.

The survey, conducted by GetSetUp, global organisation serving the learning needs of older adults, has released India-specific numbers from its study which throw a rare and interesting light on the lifestyles and preoccupations of Aging India.

GetSetUp is headquartered in San Francisco, US with two of its three co-founders -- Neil D’Souza and Deval Delivala —born in India.

The central finding is that technology is the tool for graceful, meaningful ageing today. Says the survey report: “As older adults increasingly embrace technology, it's transforming the way they consume content online.

"The accessibility of smartphones, tablets and other devices has enabled this generation to access learning content and information in new ways, creating a new generation of digitally savvy seniors.” Healthcare, educational and personal technology product companies will find these India-centric findings of interest:


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