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Deeper research into Ayurveda needed to expand its scope and popularity: Vikas Chawla, Vedas Cure

Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone realise the importance of immunity and wellness, and the importance of alternative medicinal practices like Ayurveda in it. Ayurveda has been recognised as one of the ancient streams of medical science which uses the goodness of rare natural herbs found in regions as unapproachable as deep areas of the Himalayas. Ancient medical practitioners discovered properties of these herbs after years of research and trials and either listed them some ancient books or passed on verbally as local tradtional. In a free-flowing discussion with the Financial Express Online Vikas Chawla, Founder & Director, Vedas Cure talked about the current status of Ayurveda in India, how it can help improve India;s healthcare and the fuure of it in the post-pandemic world.


Ayurveda originated in India and has been trusted for decades, what is the current industry scenario and acceptance for Ayurveda? People are becoming more aware of the benefits of Ayurveda and its role in improving immunity, and the current pandemic situation provides an ideal opportunity for conventional medicine to gain even more popularity worldwide. While inaugurating the fourth edition of the Global Ayurveda Festival 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged that “Ayurveda could rightly be described as a holistic human science.”


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