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Death of Gen Qasem Soleimani- Full Scale War Not Likely

Islam is at war with itself! Entire Middle East is fighting with each other since last many decades, but this decade was especially bloodiest in recent past. Emergence of ISIS thrown Syria-Iraq in to hellfire. On the other hand bloody Shia- Sunni rivalry which unfolded in Yemen perished thousands of lives.

Still, full-scale war unlikely to happen in the area due to vested economic interests of world powers in the region more precisely in the crude oil. Any war on Middle Eastern theater would doom world economy which is already reeling under recession.

War between Iran and The Axis comprising USA- Saudi- Israel was forecasted earlier too, but it didn't occur defying all estimations. The only reason was, all concerned parties are well aware of the fact that war won't derive any solution neither it would establish their military hegemony over the region. So, before going to derive the answer for what did both parties want to achieve, we would have glance at who was Gen Qasem Soleimani?

Who was Gen Qasem Soleimani?

Gen Soleimani was most decorated, hawkish military officer commanding Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps- IRGC, which is cocktail military group within Iranian military consisting of all 3 arms of conventional army along with radical, devout Shia militia called Basij Militia. Gen Soleimani was in charge of Quds Forces working under IRGC specialized in extraterritorial clandenstine operations singularly aimed at flexing Iran's Shia regime's military might by neutralizing anti Iran elements by all possible ways.

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