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China’s tech hub Shenzhen to get indoor ski resort as big as ‘11 football pitches’ by 2025

• The largest indoor ski resort, Wanda Snow Park in northern China, is approximately nine football fields in size.

• State-of-the-art amenities at the new Shenzhen snow park will include an 83-meter ski descent and a 441-meter single ski track, both Chinese records.

Shenzhen's Ice and Snow World resort, spanning more than 10 hectares (24 acres), will feature winter sports facilities spanning 8 hectares – "an area equal to 11 football pitches," according to the city's official WeChat account.

China is already home to some of the world's largest indoor ski facilities, including the record-holding Wanda Snow Park in northern Heilongjiang province, which is roughly the size of nine football fields.

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