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China’s Supreme Court sets regulations on business usage of facial recognition

China’s highest court, the Supreme Court, has set regulations on how businesses in China can use facial recognition to collect people’s personal information.

Under the new rulings, which was released on 28 July, the use of facial recognition in hotels, shopping malls, banks, stations, airports, stadiums, entertainment venues, and other public places violates the law and is considered an infringement of personal rights. Companies and online platforms must receive permission before using a person’s facial information.

The new regulations will take effect on 1 August and are part of a wider crackdown on privacy and personal data collection. Amid pressure about data privacy from consumers, payment records have become more confidential and merchants are no longer easily able to obtain consumer’s purchasing history and payment habits.

China’s central government has also passed a “Data Security Law”, which will come into effect in September.


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