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China’s millennials,Generation Z leading nation away from Hollywood films,American culture,US brands

China’s youth do not seem to want to go so far as to be labelled anti-American, but while older generations once admired US values, films and brands and held the political conditions and economic and technological advancement in a positive light, conversations with the younger generation show the appeal has certainly faded in the last few years.

Citizens born in the 1970s and 1980s have memories of once admiring US individualism and democratic freedoms, but modern generations have become increasingly apathetic or even negative about the political system in the United States and its democracy amid increased geopolitical competition between Beijing and Washington.

Whether it is the change in China’s advertising, fashion or entertainment industries, millennials born between 1980-95 and Generation Z born between 1995-2010 in China are less inclined to prefer American culture, products and values than Generation X born between 1961-80.


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