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China Pictorial launched "Beautiful India Beautiful China" Online Photo Exhibition in Beijing

China and India are both ancient civilizations with splendid history and culture as well as friendly neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. The people of the two countries have, across many years and long distances, become a historic model of cultural exchanges for the world.

The "Beautiful India Beautiful China" online photo exhibition, themed "Dragon and Elephant Dance Together for Win-win Outcomes," was launched in Beijing. It was held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of China-India diplomatic ties.

The online photo exhibition is directed by the Embassy of China in India, the Consulate-General of China in Mumbai, and CIPG. Supporting partners include the Pondicherry India-China Friendship Association, India China Academy, and Science and Technology Daily. The exhibition is supported by China-India Friendship Association and Shenzhen University. The exhibition focuses on topics including natural scenery, bilateral friendship, people-to-people exchanges and economic cooperation between the two countries. It is divided into four parts: "Historical Wonders of Two Ancient Civilizations," "Ancient Civilizations, Diverse Beauty," "Extensive Exchanges, Shared Future," and "Sharing Development Opportunities, Creating the Asian Century." Over 120 photos are displayed. The online photo exhibition will last till March 8, 2021.

Looking back at the past 70 years, China-India relations have forged ahead despite the wind and rain, and traveled an extraordinary path of development thanks to the efforts across generations of the two peoples.

China-India relations now stand at a new starting point and there is a chance to embrace new opportunities. China and India have the insight and capability to join hands to achieve win-win results, scale new heights in the next 70 years and write a new chapter in the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.

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