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Boeing predicts 2,230 plane deliveries to India by 2039, sees air travel revive by 2022

Indian airlines will get 2,230 planes delivered by 2039, predicted Boeing on Wednesday.

The American plane maker predicted demand for domestic air travel, battered by the Covid19 pandemic, will go back to the levels of 2019 by the second half of 2022. International traffic will recover by 2023. Overall demand will double by 2030, it said.

Boeing said 1,960 of the deliveries will be single aisle narrow bodied aircraft--low fare carriers control more than 90% of the market-- while 260 will be wide bodied planes. A total of 110 planes will be retired, 470 planes will be replacements while 1,760 planes will be incremental deliveries.

Boeing's 737 Max planes, grounded globally for more than two years after two crashes, has now been allowed by several countries to be flown again. India's aviation regulator is yet to give its validation.

Salil Gupte, president of Boeing India said the company has been providing information the Directorate General of Civil Aviation which has in turn been engaging with the US regulator Federal Aviation Administration and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as well as with airlines. Gupte said the timeline on when the Maxes will be allowed to fly in India "rests with the DGCA".

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