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At high-level UNGA session, world leaders thank India for COVID-19 vaccine shipments

World leaders thanked India for its help and support in combating the coronavirus pandemic through "early and meaningful" shipments of COVID-19 vaccine doses, as they addressed the high-level UN General Assembly session this year.

Several world leaders expressed their gratitude to India and other nations for the help provided through exports of vaccines and other critical medical supplies in their national statements at the 76th UNGA session's General Debate that ran through September 21-27.

Suriname President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, in his address, expressed his sincere gratitude to the countries and organisations “who expressed solidarity and had provided valuable support to my country and people in the battle against this pandemic, at a very early stage."

"Our thanks extend especially to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, India, China and also the USA," Santokhi said.

Nauru President Lionel Rouwen Aingimea said his country's efforts to respond to COVID-19 and vaccinate its people “would not have been possible without the valuable support provided by our partners. We are truly grateful to our genuine friends Australia, India, Japan and Republic of China (Taiwan), for their ongoing assistance.”

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari said Abuja remains grateful for the assistance received from its partners and friends all over the world.

"Vaccination is the key to our safe emergence from the pandemic. We fully support the COVAX initiative from which we have benefitted. We also thank the United States of America, Turkey, India, China, European Union, and others for the vaccines provided," Buhari said.

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Philip Pierre said the “insidious” nature of the coronavirus has allowed it to sneak across even the most heavily patrolled borders, and Saint Lucia has experienced waves of highs and lows in managing this pandemic.

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