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A larger success. As LinkedIn switches off China app, in India could gain more prominence

LinkedIn’s decision to phase out its application in China by August 9 could make its India operations more important now than before. India is the Microsoft-backed company’s fastest-growing market. The company has also been allocating more resources to India, which now has over 100 million users.

In contrast, China has been a rough market for the company over the last few years. A LinkedIn spokesperson cited “fierce competition” and “a challenging macroeconomic climate” as the reason for the shutdown.

LinkedIn will retain some presence in China, mainly to provide services for companies operating there to hire and train employees outside the country. It first entered China in 2014 by launching a localised version of its main app.

In March 2021, LinkedIn had to suspend signups in China to comply with local laws. A few months later, it replaced that app with InCareer, which was focussed solely on job postings, with no social networking features such as sharing or commenting.


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