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8 EU nations accept Covishield in their Green Pass after India’s warning to quarantine their citizen

Seven EU nations and Switzerland have accepted India’s Covishield in their ‘Green Pass’, that is, persons vaccinated with Covishield will be allowed to travel in those nations.

The development has come after India had told EU nations that it would allow EU travellers in India without mandatory quarantine only on the basis of reciprocity. India had conveyed to the EU that they need to include India-made Covishield and Covaxin in their ‘Green Pass’ that comes into effect from July.

Earlier, India had cautioned against the European Union’s reluctance in accepting Indian-made vaccines for its ‘vaccination passport’. The Indian government had categorically stated that it will not recognise the EU’s digital Covid certificate until it recognises Indian vaccines Covishield and Covaxin in the certificate, reports Hindustan Times.

In what seemed to be the first diplomatic retaliatory move against vaccine nationalism, the Indian government had said it will only recognise the EU digital Covid certificates on a reciprocal basis.

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