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4M mantra: How the Modi government delivers

As the Modi government completed nine years in office last week, the media was flooded with data showcasing the government's remarkable performance in public service delivery and welfare provisioning. Even sceptics are astonished by the scale of achievement, whether it be in ensuring the holy grail of roti-kapda-makaan or the aspirational troika of bijli-sadak-pani.

While debate surrounds the impact of flagship schemes, we believe it is more meaningful to delve deeper.

Since his days as chief minister, Narendra Modi has consistently focused on both outcomes and output. This dual focus has been instrumental in designing effective policy interventions and implementing programmes.

The Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) serves as a prime example. Numerous studies highlight the correlation between open defecation and stunting, malnourishment, diseases and crimes against women. To address these, PM Modi prioritised the elimination of open defecation. While the rhetoric was framed around "women's dignity," the bureaucracy was tasked with achieving the tangible output - constructing toilets for all households.

The subsequent execution and fulfilment of target for SBM and indeed, various other successful delivery programmes have followed a 4-M approach: mindset change, mission mode, monitoring and mass participation.

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