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40% of Indian employees already using AI skills, says report

With AI technologies like generative AI coming into focus, a new report by Salesforce shows that 40% of Indian employees already put AI-related skills to use in their jobs, while over 90% use digital skills of some kind.

The report on digital skills stated that 93% of Indian workers are excited by the prospect of using generative AI for their jobs, while 91% said that their company is considering ways to use the emerging technology.

Deepak Pargaonkar, VP, Solution Engineering, Salesforce India told ETtech that Indian customers are also finding a lot of applications for AI in use cases that involve customer engagement and business process automation. “Business leaders are seeing AI as one of the most important drivers for them to grow, and they are looking at it from a perspective of how they would be able to retain their talent- as a retention tool,” Pargaonkar said.

Travel and tourism segment in India reported the highest usage of AI skills, although even within this industry, only 67% use AI skills in their roles today, said the report. The number drops to 21% in the public sector and 25% in the healthcare industry.

Almost a third of the respondents (29%) ranked AI skills as among the top three most important digital skills in India, and the number rose further when asked about the importance of these skills over the next five years. As a result of the rise in automation and AI, recruiters say data security skills (60%), ethical AI and automation skills (58%), and programming skills (57%) will become increasingly more important.

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