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101 on Hindu Scriptures

“Like Bible, Quran, Torah – what is the religious book for Hindus?” – I am sure many of you would have been asked this question. I typically reply that we don’t have One book, we have a library. I saw tweet the other day which said – we aren’t people of the book, but people of the library

. Hindu dharma has a very ancient but highly evolved knowledge system. Unfortunately, today few Indians are exposed to the priceless treasure we have. For most of us, knowledge of scripture is limited to Ramayana, Mahabharat or Gita. Some others may also talk about Bhagvad Puran and Manusmriti, the latter mostly negatively and usually without having really read. Most would know of four Vedas and Upanishads but most likely as GK questions.  For sure, our ancestors were exceedingly intelligent, but to us most of this knowledge is lost.

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