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1,600-year-old site found in Haryana that claims of continued habitation around lost Saraswati river

Archeologists have unearthed a 1600-year-old site in Haryana’s Sandhai village in Yamunanagar district that had linked with human settlements that grew around the legendary Saraswati river. The archeologists in their unearthing found evidence that supported the site possible was a religious place and had a temple.

The state archeological department and Haryana Heritage Development Board officials visited the site after a villager Balwinder Singh reported finding six antique coins in an old fort in the village. After initial excavation, 33 coins were found. Other evidence of a habitat found is earthenware, bricks, etc.

A senior archaeologist from the state confirmed Indian Express that evidence of human settlement was found in the place and there are indications of the religious site as well. Another Nagara-style temple of stones was located as well. Evidence of pillar and other material related to the base of the construction has been found as well. The archaeologists are calling it 1200 to a 1600-year-old site which means the continuous habitation existed between the 4th and 89th Century AD.

The officials further said that the coins found are the Indo-Sasanian coins of Sri-ha type and belonged to 7th C. The artifices on the other hand were of post-Gupta era. The bricks found suggest they belonged to the Kushan era. The actual chronology of the site will be known only after clearance of the vegetation from the site, the archeologist said.


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