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Muyu becomes Chinese Gen Z’s new obsession for relieving stress

Muyu, also known as wooden fish, is a type of temple woodblock originally used by monks and nuns in Buddhist or Taoist rituals during chanting, and has taken China by storm amongst the younger generation as a tool for coping with stress.

The traditional wooden instrument serves to maintain rhythm while chanting by striking the Muyu in the middle neither too fast nor too slow. Online apps simulating real Muyu are also being actively launched. By simply tapping the virtual wooden fish on the screen, a crisp sound can be heard with the words “merit +1” or “peace +1” which pops up on the screen.

On top of that, the words can be personalised to an individual’s own needs, for example, changing it to be “income +999”, “worry -1”, “goodluck +1”, and much more.


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