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"More than 43.3 crore digital transactions in India every month", says FM Nirmala Sitaraman

India is now leading the world in digital transactions, according to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who praised the country's robust public digital infrastructure and universal access on Tuesday. The Minister of Finance of India made the announcement at the Viksit Bharat 2047 Ambassador Campus Dialogue in Pallavaram. He mentioned that 43.3 cr transactions are done monthly in India using digital payment without any charge.

A center of digital infrastructure is emerging in the nation. The architecture of digital public infrastructure incorporates the vendor, the buyer, and the payment method. She announced that 43.3 crore transactions are being carried out digitally every month.

The current Indian government has been instrumental in the country's emergence as a major producer of mobile phones, as the FM proudly mentioned during his speech at the ceremony.

"The industries have been incentivized to invest in thorium, solar energy, and the green hydrogen sector through the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes," stated Finance Minister Sitharaman. India has also partnered with other nations to advance renewable energy, and the country is poised to take the lead in this field in the near future.

Emphasizing the successes of India's start-ups According to Sitharaman, new entrants are also appearing in the space industry, where the Indian government is providing opportunities and support as well as opening the field to private investment. To further support India's burgeoning startup scene, the government has set out 1 lac cr rupees for research and science in the interim budget.

The indicators of Viksit Bharat were emphasized by Sitharaman. According to her, the main signs of Viksit Bharat include updated healthcare facilities, better roads, and upgraded educational institutions. According to the FM, the development of infrastructure is the main objective of the Modi government in order to fulfill the Viksit Bharat goal.

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