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Modi ji has taught the world to respect India: Sanjiv Goenka

Speaking on the first day of India Today Conclave 2023, RPSG Group Chairman Sanjiv Goenka said when the world around was crumbling, India stood tall and credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for teaching the world to respect India. He also hailed the Union government led by PM Modi for making it possible for entrepreneurs and industrialists to think big.

"When the world around us is crumbling, India is actually standing up and doing well. A few years ago, when you went outside, nobody gave Indians any respect. Today, when you go outside and say 'I am from India', you are given respect. I think Modi ji has taught the world to respect India," Sanjiv Goenka said.

"The ease of doing business is fantastic. The sheer vision, the scale of repositioning that the prime minister and home minister bring to the table is unparalleled," he added.

On India's position on the global map in the coming years, Goenka said India is becoming a true world manufacturing and talent hub. The RPSG Group chairman also urged corporate India to put its best foot forward and invest.

On new-age entrepreneurs and his role model, Goenka said he admired Reliance Industries (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani and the billionaire's skill in execution, vision of scale, vision of perfection, compassion, ability to reach out to people.

"I don’t think too many people in India can dare to think like him," he said.


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