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Loneliness economy prospers in China

China was home to more than 200 million single people by the end of 2018, and about 77 million of them lived alone, according to a report released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

According to a recent survey, about 57.7 percent of people living alone said that consumption is an effective way to fight loneliness. They may be alone, but they are far from being lonely.

In recent years, businesses built around loneliness have emerged and prospered in China, presenting single people with the services they need.

Mini booths catering to solo singers in supermarkets and shopping centers are places where people can combat loneliness. Statistics from a consultancy firm indicated that the value of China’s mini karaoke industry reached 352 million yuan in 2017.

In the same year, about 130 million people ordered a single serving of food through Chinese food ordering app Meituan.com, according to the platform.

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