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Indian Culture found in Trans-Oceanic Countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan

Our (by Dr Jayanthi Manohar and B.S.Manohar) – book, recently published in Kannada, contains an analytical study of the history of Indian influence in South East and Far Eastern countries along with detailed travel accounts. Indian culture is imbibed in their art and architecture, literature - music - dance - drama and puppetry. What makes it more significant is to know about how it is being continued as a living tradition in these countries.

A detailed note on the monuments based on the salient features of ancient Indian Vedic wisdom and literature are given separately under the head of four countries viz., Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan along with cultural and philosophical insights. This is the result of travel and analytical study of the authors since a decade. Many significant observations found during this cultural journey would make every Indian feel proud about our glorious heritage.

Several unique cultural traditions are seen in the length and breadth of India among people belonging to many different sects (panthas) along with spiritual under currents. This is seen beyond the physical territories of present day India as well.

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