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India world’s No 2 by market cap: adds over $1,000,000,000,000 in 6 months

Reliance Industries tops India's market cap rankings at $245.3 billion, followed by TCS at $167 billion. India's equity market, the world's 5th largest, has soared over $1 trillion in the last 6 months, underscoring the country's robust economic growth and investor confidence.

In a remarkable feat, India's equity market has soared to new levels, adding over $1 trillion to its market capitalization over the last six months. This relentless rally has propelled frontline indices to record highs, showcasing the country's remarkable economic resilience.


The combined market capitalization of companies listed on Indian bourses has surged by a staggering 24.5% since the beginning of 2024, reaching an impressive $5.23 trillion. In contrast, the second-largest market, China, has witnessed a $1.06 trillion erosion in market capitalization during the same period, underscoring India's growing prominence.


"The Indian market has never seen an increase of this magnitude except in 2007, when the market capitalization swelled by $1 trillion to $1.81 trillion," said a market analyst. This recent surge in market valuation is attributed not only to rising stock prices but also to the listing of new companies on Dalal Street, further diversifying the investment landscape.


The shift in investor sentiment is palpable, with the majority of inflows originating from US investors. The influx of funds predominantly targets large-cap funds, while mid- and small-cap segments await a similar resurgence. Notably, the USA contributed the largest inflow at $700 million, followed by substantial investments from Ireland ($447 million) and Japan ($433 million).


"The recent data indicates a notable shift in investor sentiment favoring India over China," remarked a financial expert. "This influx of funds underscores India's rising attractiveness as an investment destination."


Furthermore, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs), who were net sellers in April and May, have reversed course, becoming net buyers. They purchased stocks amounting to nearly $1.4 billion in the last five trading sessions up to June 14, 2024, signaling renewed confidence in India's market prospects.


The top companies in terms of market capitalization include Reliance Industries, with over $245.3 billion, and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), commanding a market valuation of $167 billion. India now boasts five companies with a market capitalization of at least $100 billion, showcasing the depth and diversity of its equity market.


While experts remain cautious about the valuation of Indian stocks, the overall sentiment remains positive. The country's equity market continues to be a beacon of growth, attracting global investors and solidifying India's position as a premier investment destination.





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