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India continues to remain highest receiver of FDI: FM in Lok Sabha

India continues to remain the highest receiver of the FDI, and the Indian retail investors have created the capacity to absorb the shock due to outflow of foreign funds from the country's stock markets, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman told Lok Sabha. Replying to a question asked by Congress member Shashi Tharoor in Lok Sabha, she said foreign investments have to be gauged, not just by looking at FIIs and FPIs which by very nature depend on the interest rates and they keep on "moving up and down."

"The FIIs and FPIs would come and go. But, today the Indian retail investors have proven that even if they come and go any shock that may come in is now taken care of because of the shock absorbing capacity that the Indian retailers have brought into the Indian market," she said during Question Hour.

"We in the House should should stand up and appreciate the Indian retailer who has invested a lot of confidence in the markets today in India," she added.

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